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Called to serve the needs in our neighbourhood

Jesus said to them, "My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working."

John 5:17

In Hong Kong, we are in our tenth month of the pandemic. At times, it has been very frustrating but God continues to demonstrate He is working, and He continues to perform miracles.  

A friend said, "In this global pandemic, we regularly need to take a step back, clear our heads and remind ourselves he is 'Our Father in Heaven.'". He is the Good Good Father. He is with us and knows exactly what we need.

As the pandemic continues to linger and impact the economy, the hardest hit in Hong Kong has been the poor and the marginalized, particularly the asylum seeker families. Many are fighting to survive. We are grateful for God's provision, in providing us with different supplies for the families like bags of rice, oil, toilet paper, supermarket coupons, and thousands of face masks; Just two weeks ago, we received a BIG 500kg of rice donations for distribution! After the distributions, the families were eager to stay for fellowship and sharing. We thank God for opening the door for us to have a safe place for them to share life and receive love and support. Interestingly during this pandemic, our ministry has actually grown! Before the pandemic, we served about five asylum seeker families, but now we are serving over 65 families. God has reminded us in times of crisis; there is always an opportunity to help someone. This is the most basic practical message of the Gospel.

Mother's Day Miracle - Many of ethnic minority mommies we serve come from very challenging situations. Some come from broken marriages, and some are widows and even single moms. However, during Mother's day, God did something special. We received over a hundred boxes of deluxe Godiva chocolates! In Hong Kong, Godiva chocolates are very luxurious, costing about USD$50 a box. So on Mother's day, we were able to give the mommies boxes of Godiva chocolates, fresh-cut flowers, facemasks, food coupons, hand sanitizers, and simple Indian to-go meals! The mommies were so touched, some were in tears, one even lifted both hands in the air to pray! We had never seen such openness before. They felt loved, cherished, and honored. In desperate times, God does not forget the afflicted, instead, He gives them the best of the best, the best chocolates and flowers and prayer. God loves the mommies and sees all their hard work, hardships, and difficulties they have endured. We were so grateful to see His unconditional love for these precious ladies. Some people may ask, “Why you are doing this when you should be just staying at home!” However, God has been showing us that as followers of Christ, we are also front-line workers to the poor and needy. In this difficult situation, the poor suffer the most but God has shown He not forgotten them! His love is unconditional! We are grateful to partner with God in showing His love to asylum seeker, refugees and ethnic minority families.


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